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Today we happened to meet at my place. I had to cover the topic on food styling and compositions. I was very much excited about the topic. Being an architect, I guess these topics really interest me and I can relate to it easily, be it with food or interior design. We discussed on textures, geometry, colors and compositions. Here are a few pointers:

  1. It’s essential to play with textures, be it food or backdrop as textures add life or give depth to a picture.
  2. Geometry was discussed with respect to food and plates. Always study the food and then decide on the color and shape of the crockery.
  3. Colors play the most important role and it’s very important to harmonise the colors instead of overpowering the photo with one color. We discussed  colors with respect to the color wheel (warm and cool colors)
  4. Compositions were discussed with various ways in which food could be laid out and displayed. Basically food should be the focus and the backdrop should be uncluttered.

 At the end we had an activity. Everybody was given a tetra pack of Tropicana and a corresponding fruit and they had to come up with the composition and take a photograph to market the product. It was an exciting activity and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are some candid pics of people juggling to get the shot right.  It was a picnic and we all thoroughly enjoyed.

And these were the marvellous creations.

Roma: Tropicana Apple

Gayatri: Tropicana Orange

Anu: LMN.


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 We are a bunch of enthusiastic amateur photographers trying to master the art of photography. All of us are major foodies and guess what, this was ‘the thing’ that brought us together. All of us have a food blog and that’s when we all ended up being mutual admirers of each other. We actually got to know each other well because of our blogs.

 So let me introduce the four people, Roma (the one who brainstormed the idea), Anuradha, Gayatri and Shubhada that’s me. We call ourselves ‘Sharpshooters’ and we keep meeting once in 2 weeks. We discuss photography and each session ends with an activity.

 The first meeting was held in Roma’s house, where we discussed the basics in photography. We also exchanged some tips on photography like:

  1. take the shot at the height we sit and eat at our dining tables.
  2. The food should be half cooked so that it looks colorful.
  3. We spoke about all the technical terms like apertures, shutters, ISO etc.
  4. The most important thing I learnt was the Histogram and how we can edit the pics with the help of Gimp or photoshop. The session was very informative.

Roma had prepared some delicious fusion pulav and we all photographed it. Anu did some vegetable carving and I did some work at food styling and the result was mouthwatering. So here are the options:


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