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Happy to announce that I have received the ‘Sunshine award’ from Suma of Cakes and More!!!.. Thank you Suma for the appreciation. This has really motivated me as have been a little low on energy off late. .You have made my day and brigthened it up with the ‘Sunshine Award’. Thank you…Will be back soon with loads of recipes.till then keep cooking!!!

Sunshine Award


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My Moment of Glory…

Sunday Morning up in the lark

I think I’ll take a walk in the park

Hey… hey.. hey, It’s a Beautiful Day…..

This was the mood with which I woke up this morning. For a change there was no alarm disturbing us or my maid at the doorbell. My eyes just gradually opened and I was feeling as fresh as a daisy. As usual with my hot cuppa Chai I was opening my mailbox and there comes my ‘Moment of Glory’. My friend Madhuri (cookcurrynook.wordpress.com) had showered awards upon me. The best thing that could ever happen, to anybody the first thing in the morning. The feeling was equivalent to receiving ‘The Oscars’..hahaha..I know it sounds very funny..But what the heck, I got my awards!!! Thanks Mads, you made my Day!!

I grew up listening to English music and Scorpions has been one of my favorite bands. Today I remember one of their songs which is ‘The moment of Glory called evolution’… Yes, this blog ‘These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things’ is actually an evolution for me or rather my evolution. It all started when I met Roma (www.romasharma.com) one evening and we were discussing about the things which we have in common, and cooking was one aspect which got us talking on and on. She suggested that I should visit her blog for details and her blog impressed me the most. It also got me to thinking that probably this is a nice platform to showcase the small joys in our lives or things that I enjoy doing..And the rest is history as they say!! Today my blog has 53 posts to it. Each post is like a feather in the cap for me.. I must thank Roma for opening my eyes to this big world called blogosphere, My mum who has always taught me that ‘Small things make a Big Difference in life’, my ever so supportive friends, Rajlakshmi, Seema, Preethi, Lakshmi, Ruth and Madhuri who keep pushing me to newer heights and last but not the least, My husband, my critique who is the first one to read all my posts (almost every time forcibly, without any choiceJ)..Thank you for all your support.

As I’m honoured with the ‘Kreative Blogger’ Award, I’m supposed to be sharing 7 things about myself that you do not know yet..pondering….still pondering… Et Voila,

  1. I’m a Go-getter. I value time a lot and HATE procrastination.
  2. I don’t enjoy cooking the daily meals like dal-chawal, sabji etc.
  3. I’m very particular or rather finicky about cleanliness especially my kitchen, but hate to wash and clean. I can be a ‘MONICA’ from Friends. I know it sounds like an Oxymoron, the problem is solved by my God-sent HELP, who is as finicky as I am. (TOUCHWOOD)
  4. I’m a Gadget freak, love to keep my kitchen acquainted with all the new gadgets but I’m not technology savy.
  5. I’m very slow in Cyber world. I’m still waiting for ‘Sixth Sense Technology’ to be applied on people like me.
  6. Music and Photography are my passion. I listen to all kinds of music and off late have developed a ear for some good Carnatic music. Fusion and Jazz are more like my kind.

I call Camera, ’My Best Friend’, can’t do without it and with digital age can’t imagine a day without my laptop.

7. I always give my best shot in whatever ventures I take up.

That’s all I’ve to say about myself. I’m also supposed to nominate 7 people to pass on these awards. I follow a few blogs and from my experience, I know each and every one of you will be putting in the same kind of energy and effort. I wish I could award all my fellow bloggers. At present I would like to share the awards with  people who have made a difference to me. Sorry folks, if I’ve broken the rule of nominating 7 people. Promise to go by the rules next time;)..

  1. Roma Sharma of roma’s space. Thanks Roma for giving me a breakthrough.
  2. Ruth Prabhu of www.onruthprabhusplate.blogspot.com. Who’s a great friend, great mother and above all a great cook..super woman as I call her. Her blog features all the lovely restaurants in b’lore and is very helpful when we are in a fix to try out something new..Sudhee you don’t have a blog of your own, but this is for you too buddy for teaching me basics in photoshop..love u ppl.
  3. Anu of www.anujohari.wordpress.com, very creative and multi talented. Always organizing some programe for kids.
  4. Millions of other bloggers who impress me with their culinary skills, photography skills and techniques. Will not be fair if I name one when I refer to so many.

Congratulations to all and lets keep doing things that we enjoy doing. Thanks Madhuri once again for brightening up my Day!! This is for you.

Have a great day.

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I once heard Oprah mention this line in her show and I can never forget, she said,” All that a woman wants is Acceptance,Appreciation and Acknowledgement  in her life.” Isn’t this true!! We’re constantly wanting to be accepted by our friends, our spouses, our IN-LAWS, the society that we live and  seek acknowledgement and appreciation. The feeling of appreciation and acknowledement is very motivational and creates a lot of positive energy which is very contagious…

My dear friend Madhuri of Cookcurry nook fame (www.cookcurrynook.wordpress.com) is also my colleague at work. We are partners in every crime and share a like- minded attitude. She is an awesome cook,I’ve been lucky to taste a few of her dishes. They taste heavenly. I had asked her to feature her recipes on a blog and she has received her first set of awards from a fellow blogger Suma. Madhuri has very sweetly sent me a nice big Thank you note with this bunch of flowers.. I’m touched and would like to wish her all the best in her Future endeavours.

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